The Bombay Royale

The Bombay Royale live at 3RRR

The Bombay Royale are as hot as a sun-dried chilli, and as cool as a long tall mango lassi on the rocks. They are also, against all expectation, extremely sexy. This is largely due to their charismatic singers, the exquisitely sensual ‘Mysterious Lady’ and the darkly, effervescent ‘Tiger’ —she’s a femme fatale, and he’s got the makings of a Bond villain. They’re both Bollywood archetypes with oodles of retro chic. Backed by a tight band of eccentric musical mavericks that look like a cross between the Village People, and escapees from a funkadelic fantasy, these feisty singers, clothed in the gaudy fabrics of the subcontinent, really put the bass in your face. They combine Bollywood dance steps with energetic go-go gyrations that come straight out of the Austin Powers playbook. Yeah, baby, yeah! They sing in Bengali, Hindi, and occasionally English, but you don’t have to understand the words to get the gist of their shtick, which is a high octane East/West Masala.

This band is, as they say in India, hot hot. They have the musical chops to cut it with the very best, and they exude a sense of fun that is infectious, and heightened by their playfully ironic theatricality (they even have an inflatable elephant). This multicultural group of Aussies are going places, and the Mysterious Lady, with her winning smile, and impossibly long black hair is a genuine superstar. Look out Lady GaGa, the siren in a Sari has your number!

I like, very much!

The Bombay Royale Website

Youtube clip shot with a Canon S95 pocket camera


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